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Resistance is woven into every stitch

At AMERICAN UNDERGROUND OUTFITTERS, home of RESISTANCEWEAR™, we endeavor to provide unapologetically patriot apparel so that we may display resilience in the face of tyranny during the despotic nature of the times in which we live. We are not just an American lifestyle apparel brand, but a statement – a clarion call to those who value God, liberty, and freedom above all else.

In this, we strive to separate ourselves from those who have demonstrated to be unworthy to continue as brethren in the cause of freedom. Together, we implore the Almighty to disrupt the plans of the unjust and render their schemes fruitless.

As guardians of the American legacy, we strive to infuse every thread with the essence of patriotism, reminding all who wear our garments of the extraordinary journey that defines our nation’s history. In this pursuit, we seek not mere customers, but fellow stewards of the American dream, bound together by a common purpose and an enduring love for our great land.

AMERICAN UNDERGROUND OUTFITTERS, where the spirit of resistance is woven into every stitch!